Phoenix MT-A

Ángulo de contacto Phoenix MT(A)

Equipo automático para ángulo de contacto y tensión superficial

  • Ángulo de contacto dinámico
  • Ángulo de contacto estático
  • Tensión superficial mediante «pendant drop»
  • Cálculo de Energía superficial
  • Advancing and receeding contact angle

Multi Function Type

The design offers the user requested flexibility for Research and process development. The available options allow the user to configure the system covering all the requested application needs.

A high accurate stepping motor controls the liquid dispense automatically and independent of the operatior. This provides an unsurpassed reproducibility in drop volume, formation and positioning.

The sample stage can be positioned and tilted in X-Y-Z directions, providing optimized imaging of the analyzed liquid to surface interface interaction. Variable light intensity enables the to minimize the effects of backlight.