Automated Quality Control of Flavors and Fragrances

The farolab ASA-AROMA system is the well known automated quality control system developed by Ismatec SA. The system is in use in the quality control laboratories of most important international flavors and fragrances manufacturers.
farolab GmbH has taken over the production of the ASA-AROMA system from Ismatec SA since June 2009.

Sistema Asa-Aroma instaladoAutomated determination of up to 100 samples on following parameters:

  • Density
  • Refraction
  • Colour
  • Optical rotation
  • pH
  • NIR

The ASA-AROMA system includes:

  • All the sample preparation modules
  • All needed PC interfaces
  • Our own userfriendly and flexible LabTech Windows® software
  • The integration of all connected measuring devices
  • On site installation and comprehensive training of the complete system

Almost all the measuring devices available on the market can be integrated in the ASA-AROMA system.
The system is configured to use your own sample bottles.
Thanks to innovative continued development and close contact with users the ASA-AROMA system has become a standard within the flavors and fragrances industry.