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Ismatec® Microflex de velocidad variable

Ismatec Microflex Variable-Speed Pump Systems

Easy-to-use low-flow pumps feature reversible pumping, remote start/stop, and rapid tubing changes

  • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), acetal, and copolyester pump head with four stainless steel (SS) rollers
  • Pumps accept continuous lengths of tubing for a clean, uninterrupted flow path with no fittings.
  • Separate single-turn speed control and cw/off/ccw switch with green LED power indicator—maintain speed setting when you turn pump on/off or reverse direction.
  • Reversible permanent magnet DC motor; purge fluid before or after pumping; pump fluid in either direction.
  • Remote control connections on back of pump; start/stop pump with a contact closure.

These easy-to-use pumps feature reversible pumping, remote control capabilities, and rapid tubing changes. Ideal for consistent fluid delivery in analyzer and other low-flow laboratory pumping applications. The quick-loading Microflex pump head has average fixed occlusion for tubing; no occlusion adjustments required.