TotalPerm is the top model of ExtraSolution instruments. The instruments for permeability testing make a further step forward. In fact TotalPerm is the first and the only instrument present on the market that allows sequential measurements of the barrier of threee different gases interesting for food and pharma packaging applications. After the launching of the first instrument for OTR and WVTR simultaneous measurements, now ExtraSolution, thanks to its researchers innovation capability, offers to the customers the possibility of using only one instrument to satisfy all their needs.

In fact, TotalPerm is offered with three different sensors, specific for oxygen, water vapour and carbon dioxide.

TotalPerm, besides performing measures of permeability through thin films, can be equipped with modular accessories to carry out measurements on packaging containers of various types. TotalPerm stands as the ideal solution for companies that produce or use barrier packaging and want the highest performance in a single instrument at competitive prices.

The special software TotalPerm-ExtraSolution® guarantees the highest working simplicity.


Características técnicas:

Test range O2

0.01-7500 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1
0.2-150000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test range H2O

0.002-100 g·m-2·24h-1

Test range CO2

0.25-18000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1
20-360000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test sample size

50 cm2 – max tickness about 2,5 mm

Test temperature range

10-50 C ± 0.1 C

Relative humidity O2/CO2

0%, 5-95%

Relative humidity H2O


Carrier flow (N2)

10-75 ml/min automatically controlled

Gas type N2

Mix nitrogen + 1% hydrogen

Gas type O2/CO2

Purity > 99.95% / 99.99%
Residual humidity required < 0.5%

Gas pressure N2

1.5-2.0 bar

Gas pressureCO2/O2

1.5 bar

Gas connections (3)

Standard Ham-Let 1/8″


LabView based

Desktop PC

Windows OS and LCD monitor

Power supply

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (800 W max.)

Apparatus size (cm)

53 W/58 D/30 H without PC