Oxygen permeability tester. PermeO2 is our model for measuring the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) through plastic films with a temperature and relative humidity controlled system.
PermeO2 is offered in two different versions: single cell, double cell.

Características técnicas:

Test range O2

0.01-15000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1
0.2-300000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test sample size

50 cm2 – max tickness about 2,5 mm

Test temperature range

10-50 C ± 0.1 C

Relative humidity O2

0%, 5-95%

Carrier flow (N2)

10-75 ml/min automatically controlled

Gas type N2

Mix nitrogen + 1% hydrogen

Gas type O2

Purity > 99.95%
Residual humidity required < 0.5%

Gas pressure N2

1.5-2.0 bar

Gas pressureO2

1.5 bar

Gas connections (2)

Standard Ham-Let 1/8″


LabView based

Desktop PC

Windows OS and LCD monitor

Power supply

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (800 W max.)

Apparatus size (cm)

45 W/61 D/31 H without PC